AEGAON is honoured, that our watch – the “Peacemaker53”, was dedicated to Ragnar Klavan on a ceremony held on Sunday for winning the title of Estonia’s best male soccer player of the year, once again.


Ragnar Klavan is the centre back defender for Premier League club Liverpool and captain of the Estonian national soccer team. He has made an outstanding season and created a lot of great moments to soccer fans all around the world, including Estonia of course. The people at AEGAON have always cheered for Estonian athletes, who have worked hard for their success and inspired others to do the same – proving, that nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it, whatever it is that you do.

“Peacemaker53” was also handed to the Estonia's best female player of the year – Inna Zlidnis and coach of the year – Arno Pjipers. AEGAON would like to congratulate everyone and wish the best of luck on your way to wherever it is you are headed.