AEGAON is glad to present our new line "TABULA RASA 38" dedicated to ladies. It is a downsized and modified version of "TABULA RASA 44" for men, with a few totally new combinations of gold & white. 

The new line is already in production and will be available for direct purchase on December 18th. Until then, use the opportunity to pre-order it directly from AEGAON e-store for 199€.
The introductory offer lasts only until all watches are assembled and become available for direct purchase for 290€. All pre-orders will be shipped out on December 18th – just in time for Christmas. "TABULA RASA 38" is available ONLY in AEGAON e-store. It will become available for re-salers in 2018.

AEGAON decided to keep the final price lower for the ladies version of "TABUAL RASA" due to the income difference of men and women around the world. According to some sources, the difference is approximately 30%, which we find absolutely ridiculous.