Ivo Linna is a legendary singer, who has rocked and rolled 3 generations of estonians. Respected by both past and present generations as a talented, wise and kind man. Influence can be a powerful thing as his son Robert has followed his own path, just to find himself rocking the stages, doing his own thing.

Needless to say, we here at AEGAON have our share of unforgettable moments growing up with Ivo’s music and partying our guts out to Roberts. We knew there had to be something extraordinary and unspoken, when the two announced their very first duet to enter the Eurovision song contest. 

Little did we know about the “unspoken” bit, when we asked them to join us for a photoshoot and a friendly chat, that in all its genuity and openness ended up in a conversation, that will stick in our hearts and minds forever.