With AEGAON written on our dial, we want to be your everyday reminder to take time for all the things that matter to you the most.

True character inspires our watch designs. It is a quality in some that we consider to be resistant to trends and time itself.

Watch the exclusive interview with founders Kristjan Rabi & Janno Roodi, conducted by SEB Bank Estonia.



By the year 2012 there were tens of thousands of watch companies and watch designs in the world. One would logically think that there was no room for one more, and that's what everyone kept saying. In reality, all the old watch companies had stopped experimenting, leaving their designs stagnating, while the rest of the world kept evolving. That's where micro brands like AEGAON started emerging and succeeded against all the odds. At least that's AEGAON's perspective on the revolutionary period, and we are proud to be part of it.


AEGAON was founded in 2012 by Kristjan Rabi, Janno Roodi, Veljo Viikant.


In 2012, AEGAON became the very first Estonian watch company. The brand is managed by the company AEGAON OÜ since July 2017. Strong and minimal designs inspired by real character are carried out by Janno Roodi – the founder and designer of AEGAON Watches. The idea of AEGAON sparked from "Always On My Mind" music video by Elvis Presley. A glimpse at his interesting watch inspired Janno Roodi to absorb all the knowledge available to realize his vision of a perfect watch in 2012. It was named "Peacemaker 65".

What started as a mutual hobby of a group of friends, has grown into a successful small business. Offering an alternative to the conventional classic watch designs has put the brand on the world map with online sales to over 30 countries around the world. Hard work and dedication has paid off as recent years have brought AEGAON recognition from Estonian president Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid and partnership with numerous government ministries. AEGAON is honored to serve over 100 local and international companies in their need for a meaningful and unique "thank you "gifts. In 2018 AEGAON gained its membership in the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and became the official sponsor of Estonian Golf Cup the same year. The rest is history in the making.


There were hints of Estonian watch making just before the outbreak of WWII. We have conducted the biggest dig into the past on this subject, to be sure we could refer to Aegaon as the first Estonian watch maker. We have even gone as far as to look up the only living successor to Mari Riimaste, who was a known goldsmith and Swiss watch reseller in the late 1930’s. However, according to the grandchild of Mrs. Riimaste, she never designed or assembled any watches of her own nor was there ever an August Riimaste, whose name has mistakenly popped up in some later articles. She had her name “M.Riimaste” and the town name “Haapsalu” printed on Swiss watches in Switzerland; it was kind of a marketing thing at the time. But the mystery by the name of “Eltoona” – a vintage women’s watch, still remains unsolved. It only links to Estonian antique sales when googled. The name does have an Estonian feel to it, yet there is no reference to its origin inside the watch itself nor does it appear on the internet. So, until any solid facts or breaking leads emerge, Aegaon will hold its position.