Time is the ultimate asset your most loyal people and partners have invested in your company.
It is something, that can't be taken evidently, especially in these days of come and go. Our current business partners have acknowledged it and found a meaningful thank you gift in personalised AEGAON watches. A quality watch with a unique design, that passes on just the right message - "Take Your Time", that our brand name "aega on" stands for in Estonian.


  • Motivational discount % starting from 5 watches annually
  • Your logo and inscription engraving on the watch-back
  • Personal business customer service
  • All done in a few days


  • A vector file of your logo ( ai, png, pdf will do)
  • Grammar-checked text, checked and double-checked by you, for the engraving
  • Name of the font you want to be used for the engraving text
  • In case of a special font, we might ask you to send it to us
  • Information on when and where do we have to deliver

In case of any inquiries or additional questions, please call us on workdays, between 11:00 - 19:00 or send us an e-mail and we will be in touch during the next workday.

Business Customer Service

+372 502 6919

You can take it even further by having us develop a totally new design, that is 100 % branded by your company.  You give us the insight and we will take care of the rest. The process is as follows:

  • Together with you, we discuss the design & technical insight
  • AEGAON will make you an offer
  • Minimum downpayment of 1000€ for the design, development and sampling process - depending on what it is you expect us to make exactly
  • You confirm the samples
  • We sign a contract for a minimum order quantity of 300 pcs
  • You pay 50% downpayment of the total cost of the production
  • AEGAON starts working on the production with an estimate timeline of 3-5 months
  • AEGAON performs a final quality check on all the products
  • you confirm the products are as expected
  • AEGAON delivers right after the remaining 50% of the payment is received
  • AEGAON guarantees a full 2 year warranty service on our regular warranty terms

In case of any inquiries or additional questions regarding private label, please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you on the next workday.

AEGAON Watches founder & designer



Why is the minimum order quantity 300pcs?
Short answer would be - the price. Bulk takes the cost per watch down significantly, both on the production of casing & all other details, buying the movements etc. Making just a few will not be cost efficient for you.

Why can't we just print our logo on one of your own designs?
The short answer is, that we are protecting our own brand AEGAON. More than one logo on one watch is not good practice. Another logo on our brands design is confusing our customers and is not good for our business in long term.

Why do you require downpayment?
Short answer is, that no one is willing to work for free, not even you.
The approximate downpayment of 1000€ is paying for our time spent on the design and making the sample happen. The 50% downpayment on the production is viewed as a sign of good will on your behalf for we are not exactly the gambling type and simply can't afford the worst case scenario.

How can we trust your company and your quality?
We have not been around as long as the global Swiss brands. That's why we've always gone the extra mile and made quality our priority, in order to stay in this business. We have 8 years of experience and believe it to be enough time to have left all the greatest learning mistakes in the distant past.