UPDATE 19.05.22 – Genesis delivery starting from 23.05.22!

UPDATE 19.05.22 – Genesis delivery starting from 23.05.22!

Good news, we have the final pieces and the assembling process has already begun! The delivery will start on Monday 23.05.22. 

As promised, the first 100 pre-order customers will also receive a complimentary collectors box that accommodates 12 watches.

IMPORTANT: If your preferred delivery address has changed while waiting, please let us know the new address by Friday evening via e-mail hello(at)aegaon.com



UPDATE: 13.05.2022 / Dear friends of AEGAON, we have good news – the missing final components of the "Genesis 48" automatic were finally shipped out today on 13.05.22.

We estimate a week for them to arrive. As soon as they do, it will take more or less another week to assemble all the pre-orders. This allows us to be confident, that all pre-order customers within EU will have their long awaited "Genesis 48" automatic delivered by the end of May!
As mentioned before, we have extra helping hands coming in for the assembling process to get it done as quickly as possible. Your generous patience has not gone unnoticed. We are extremely grateful to all of you.


21.04.22 UPDATE
The original release date of the “Genesis” automatic was planned in March, which is now postponed once again unfortunately, new date will presumably be in May. The reason for this is the delay of the final component by our partnering manufacturer.

Dear friends of AEGAON who have pre-ordered the “Genesis” automatic and hoped to receive it by March as we had promised. We were indeed sure we could hold on to the timeline given, relying on our past experience. The world however has changed at a pace none of us could have ever anticipated. These changes have not been exactly pleasant to deal with in our field of business either. We have always been open and honest with our customers – that will never change.

Everyone will get the Genesis they pre-ordered
We added a photo here of all the components already done and waiting – casings, movements, straps, hands etc to give you an update and peace of mind. What is still missing is the final piece, a “dial frame” that holds everything in place inside the watch itself. Manufacturing this component was a first time deal for our new partner, unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well. New attempt has been delayed by Covid, their order of work and sudden difficulties in the material supply caused by you know what.

New date of the release
We have been too enthusiastic so far with our promises as the progress has not lived up to our expectations. Since the info on the missing pieces given to us is still rather volatile, then we’d like to avoid any certain deadlines until we have actually received the missing components. Assuming that there are no more unexpected surprises, we’d like to think we can start delivering in May.

From here on we’d like to save you from the trouble of searching for our update e-mail in your spam boxes. Instead we’ll start giving updates in the news section of our website for everyone to access. Your messages and phone calls are still very much appreciated. We are truly sorry for the delay and we very much hope for your continuing patience and understanding.