AEGAON DOORS CLOSED: e-store as final frontier.

AEGAON DOORS CLOSED: e-store as final frontier.

 With great regret, we must inform you that our store in Tallinn Old Town is now closed. The future of our company that we’ve built in eight years is uncertain. But we are doing everything we can to survive the current situation. We started by setting our focus on our e-store and discounts.

  First things first – to protect our own people and customers, closing the doors to our store was inevitable. We have directed all our employees to their homes and advise our customers to do the same. It is our little contribution to the fight against a big virus and protecting the weaker ones in our society.

 We have focused all our remaining resources on the e-store, offering 25% discount on all products. A full 5% from all purchases are directed to „Estonian Maternity Hospital Support Fund” who is helping to solve the personal protection equipment crisis in all maternity hospitals.

So, until in an emergency state, here’s how we work. Should you have any warranty issues, please contact directly Liis(at), who will give you directions on how to resolve the logistics. Business clients will be served via couriers and parcel terminals. Engravings will have to wait for better times. E-store orders will go on as usual, our partner Pakipoint has promised to take care of it. These are the best solutions we can offer under the current circumstances. 

We will do everything we can to avoid our 8 years of hard work on the first Estonian watch company becoming a victim of the Coronavirus. In the midst of it all, we fully understand that we are on the same boat with all other small entrepreneurs of Estonia and the world and that there’s only so much we can do for ourselves. How long we are going to last depends a lot on our government decisions.

Looking at things from a positive perspective. We are already starting to see that our small size could also be our advantage, as our long-time customers, both business and private, are showing their support. Our own people are working together on solutions, as AEGAON was a family, not an enterprise. One thing’s for sure, if we manage to get out of this alive, we will come out stronger than ever – and that’s a goal worth the effort!

AEGAON message to people has remained the same during the past 8 years. Don’t hurry, slow down, take your time. Now that we are asked to sit in our homes for a higher purpose, creates a perfect opportunity. To spend more time with our family and focus on the things that really matter to us. It is an ideal time to care a bit more about ourselves and even more about others - just by staying at home. Got too emotional? Okay.  #Staythefuckhome and hang in there!