We are very much excited to surprise all of our friends with the brand new AEGAON watch design “Tribute”. Pre-sale is now open for all who wish to be among the first to receive the watch and get a nice discount. We are still trying to sort out our own emotions for managing to pull this off by the end of this crazy year. 

We must join all of you who are surprised to hear about a new design after an up and down year like 2020 has been. Pulling ourselves together to release a new design at this time was a big challenge for us. We had to prove to ourselves and everyone else that if there’s a will there's a way. No virus will hold us back as a company or as persons. 


There’s too much greatness in the past, that we just can’t afford to forget. With „Tribute“, we pay respect to the legendary vintage wristwatch design by redesigning its best features to match the style of the modern gentleman.

It may be a suit watch in its essence, but it will not restrict you to take yourself too seriously. To prove that to you, we joined forces with Estonia’s greatest funk-band of all time “Lexsoul Dancemachine” for this launch. You will see members of the band stepping up as watch models for the first time and having lots of fun doing it. In return, you will see AEGAON watches in their upcoming music video “Money”. Funk music is one of the greatest legacies of the ’70s, which the band has so successfully modernized. With “Tribute” it’s the same thing as we took design notes from the same era. We are glad to offer you something completely different from our previous work, which can still be recognized as AEGAON.

With “Tribute” you can choose from 4 main colors: white, blue, red and black. Note that the white watch has two leather strap options - black and brown. The optics is once again scratch-proof sapphire crystal. The ticker inside is a Swiss workhorse “Ronda 715” quartz and the markers luminescent glow will help you read the dial after the sun goes down. The water resistance is tested at 5ATM, which is more than enough.


“Tribute” will be available for 312€ until the end of the pre-sale period, which is 20% off the final retail price. Non-EU customers will of course enjoy another 20% off for the VAT. Once assembled, all pre-ordered watches will be shipped out by December 21st – the latest. The price to pay for “Tribute” will be 390€ after the pre-sale campaign has ended.

If you happen to be in Tallinn and wish to see the Tribute” samples with your own eyes and maybe even try it on your wrist, then come visit us at our shop at Aia 5b, Tallinn.


Only good news there as well. “Tabula Rasa” designs are already in assembling and roughly 90% of all the designs will become available again by mid-November. We are already accepting orders since the total number of “Tabula Rasa” is also limited. Once they get sold out, another batch will be assembled in January. 

The return of the “Peacemaker 65” is closer now than it has been for the past 2 years. We are doing our very best to be able to offer it to you in December. 

If you don’t want to miss it, then please send your request to hello(at) and we will send good news your way as soon as possible.