AEGAON No.4 is a men’s niche perfume crafted in Estonia!

AEGAON No.4 is a men’s niche perfume crafted in Estonia!

This year marks the 12th anniversary of AEGAON since the creation of the first Estonian wristwatch. To commemorate this occasion, we wanted to do something summarising and special — not necessarily a new wristwatch design. We turned to Estonia's first niche perfume manufacturer, T-Perfume, described the fragrance artist Tony Veiler how we envisioned the scent of AEGAON and soon there were five variations on the table, with fragrance No.4 being the chosen one.

One thing must be emphasised before we continue - AEGAON No.4 should not be referred to as just a fragrance. Not only because Tony doesn't allow it, but because it is a perfume. Perfume contains a much higher concentration of aromatic oils than a regular Eau de Toilette, making it more intense and longer-lasting. For the same reasons, perfume is considered to have significantly higher quality and more expensive price tag compared to Eau de Toilette.

Niche perfume, however, is a bit stronger stuff than regular perfume. It is not produced in mass, the approach is considerably more individual and artistic, it may also contain rare and expensive ingredients to express complex and unique fragrance nuances.

AEGAON No.4 is a niche perfume based on descriptions by AEGAON people. We sat around a table and shared keywords associated with our brand and the world that has evolved around it. Leather, steel, whiskey, wood, salty sea air, musk, etc. It is strong, distinctive, full of character, natural, and definitely not for everyone. It can confidently be said that our fresh perfume has a similar impact.

Tony Veiler has highlighted the composition as follows:

Top notes: black pepper, cardamom, geranium, blackcurrant
Middle notes: green tea, jasmine, wood, rose Otto, birch tar, leather
Base notes: amber, musk, vanilla, seaweed, hay, patchouli, cedarwood

Nevertheless, when sniffing the perfume, we all sense different aromas that create entirely different connections. It's also surprising how differently one perfume can smell on different people. Like with wristwatches, the wearer adds the finishing touch to the design. One watch doesn't appear identical on the wrists of two entirely different individuals and the same goes for this perfume. Another surprising nuance is the perfume's evolution over time. As the initial sharpness dissipates, the perfume begins to offer the joy of discovery as different layers unfold over the following days.

As they say – let your nose be the wiser! Come and take a sniff of AEGAON No.4 perfume at our shop in Tallinn, Rotermanni 7. Sniff it, spray it if you wish and see if it starts growing on you or not. For now, it's a limited quantity batch and the price for one 30ml bottle is 150€.

Thank you, Tony Veiler and T-Perfume!