AEGAON offers 26 rare watches as part of the 10 year celebration!

AEGAON offers 26 rare watches as part of the 10 year celebration!

AEGAON is the very first Estonian watch company, celebrating a decade of business throughout 2022. Friends and followers followers were surprised with a real treat today, as a collection of 26 unique and rare watch samples became available for purchase. The collection consists of never-before published design line and some special versions of previous models. It’s a dream come true for all true die-hard fans, as none of the watch samples in the offering will never get produced.

The most significant line of the collection is the glamorous Damascus steel XA22 series (17 different watches), which were sampled at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Though it’s the most luxurious design by the brand so far, it was the boards final decision that kept the line from going to production, ever.

“All the samples are as good as the real thing and wrist-ready in every way. The decision of not producing them didn’t come exactly easy, but we had our variety of good reasons for it”, said one of the decision makers Mr. Kristjan Rabi.

But there is a more in addition to the brand new design. The collection also holds 5 special-versions of the well known “Peacemaker” design, together with the 4  never-released 38mm version of the late “Tribute 45”.

The whole "AEGAON 10" EXCLUSIVE collection can be seen here and is available only for direct purchase through AEGAON shop in Tallinn or on request via e-mail.