AEGAON OPEN GOLF CUP 2022 – one of the most popular golf competitions in Estonia!

AEGAON OPEN GOLF CUP 2022 – one of the most popular golf competitions in Estonia!

We held the IV. AEGAON Open Golf Cup on 21.08.22 at EGCC golf course in Jõelähtme. There were many reasons for rejoicing and satisfaction. The total number of 104 competitors came together in less than a week, unfortunately leaving the same number of aspiring competitors waiting for the next game. What all of this means, is that AEGAON Cup has become one of the most popular golf competition in Estonia.

It is now a self-evident tradition that AEGAON representatives are also present at the competition themselves, supporting our team and presenting prizes – as it was this year as well. This years AEGAON Team consisted of Martin Maasik, Reigo Tomingas, Leanika Baumann and 13-year-old talent Kaur-Mattias Kuuskme.

No one reached the podium this time, but it has never been an expectation of AEGAON either. Rather, we want to see great people gain new valuable experience, support each other and find new game partners for the rest of their lives. AEGAON representatives Kristjan Rabi, Janno Roodi and Rauno Kutti witnessed all of it again this year.


As a token of gratitude for all the good vibes, the team members were given the opportunity to choose a watch of their liking from the AEGAON dealership. The EGCC surprised with the opportunity to return to the club for a rematch amongst the team members and their friends – thank you, Peep Tammemäe!

To the award table – the main prizes were the latest AEGAON "Genesis 48" automatic designs while the II. and III. places were provided with different designs from the “Tabula Rasa” selection. For the second year in a row Janar Toomesso became the overall winner of men’s competition and got his name on the Travelling Cup crafted by Kristjan Oden, once again.  Next to him, this years best woman of the game – Riina Vettus.


MEN +8-10
1.Janar Toomesso (70)
2.Robert Weir (71)
3.Mait Schmidt (72)
7.Reigo Tomingas (74) AEGAON Team

MEN +10,1-20
1. Leho Alliksoo (64)
2. Kaupo Tenno (66)
3. Juha-Heikki Savanlampi (66)
23. Kaur Mattias Kuuskme (75) AEGAON Team

MEN +20,1-36
1. Arto Lepik (46)
2. Rego Kriisa (46)
3. Margus Hütt (46)
9. Martin Maasik (37) AEGAON Team

WOMEN +8-15
1. Riina Vettus (68)
2. Margit Sunni (69)
3. Kadi Riin Vähejaus (70)

WOMEN +15,1-25
1. Rael Tavaste (67)
2. Kristel Vähejaus (70)
3. Margarita Ross (72)

WOMEN +25,1-36
1. Kristiine Ross (42)
2. Mari-Liis Ahven (40)
3. Anne Kadak (39)
11. Leanika Bauman (34) AEGAON Team