AEGAON: Wristwatch ABC – all you need to know about watches.

AEGAON: Wristwatch ABC – all you need to know about watches.

September is all about education. Starting this autumn, AEGAON will dedicate its news feed to the most important wristwatch topics – all you need to know about watches. We will begin with the basic, run through some myths, and the most essential facts that have been left untold so far.

Wristwatches have been popular for the past hundred years. The watch culture in Estonia specifically has been relatively brief due to historical reasons, compared to Western-Europe countries. A peek in the watch market can be dated back to the 90-s, when the markets opened. Unfortunately, the basic know-how of watches seems to have gotten stuck to that period, not only around here but also around the world.

It has caused quite a few myths and misunderstandings about wristwatches that we are about to clear up. Our 8 years in the watch business has allowed us to divide customers into 3 groups, based on their knowledge:

1) People who know nothing about wristwatches

2) People who think they know enough

3) Enthusiasts who do know enough

Our following educational campaign is directed to the first two to offer a simple and exciting introduction to the diverse watch world. It starts with the basic know-how and moves into the more interesting stuff – all in good time, within the topics below.

The most important things every wristwatch owner should know.

Our watch business experience allows us to estimate that about 80% of watch owners encounter avoidable problems. Should you have at least one watch at home or maybe you are about to buy your first one – this is the topic that should concern you the most. In this article, we will bust all the myths around the water-resistance of wristwatches and give you pretty much the ABC of maintaining your watch's excellent condition...

What kind of wristwatches exist out there, and what’s the difference.

Let’s take a quick test.

Think of all the different kinds of watches, you know...?

If you got at least 5, then good for you, you might be excused from this topic.

But if you want to know the meaning behind terms like quartz, automatic, manual winding, hybrid, smart, chronograph, divers, and concept. What’s the difference between them all, and what makes them unique, then make sure not to miss this article.

We will line them up and explain them as simply and briefly as possible.

What you need to know when picking a wristwatch for yourself or as a gift.

Sometimes people tend to go by the price when making the decision. It may be for themselves or a budget given for a gift to someone else. What they often don’t know is that going just by the price may result in disappointment. We will provide you with a little technical advice along with some fashion based good to know tips. Before you get into this topic with us, it would be better for you to go through the previous topic first – to keep up.


A Brief introduction into the history of wristwatches and their evolution.

When was it that clocks climbed down from town-squares and on to our wrists? This will be a juicy and brief overview of the timeline of where the watches started and ended up by 2020. We will spice things up with our opinion on what wristwatches symbolize today and hopefully bust some dogmas on the way.

Cheap vs. expensive wristwatch – what makes up the price?

Why some watches with Mickey Mouse on their dial cost 5€, some brand watches 5000€, and some crazy people ask even 500 000€ for theirs? In this article, we will disassemble a wristwatch to molecules and tell you, maybe for the first time, what you are actually paying for in a wristwatch.

Why are we doing all this? Because these are the topics that have not been talked about enough. On the other hand, we think the wiser and well informed the customer, the better it is for them and us if they know what they are buying and how to use it. We will take all the topics mentioned and publish them in AEGAON news feed throughout September. If you don’t want to miss any of them, make sure you have signed up on our mailing list.