HIRSCH watch straps for ALL watches – now in the AEGAON store.

HIRSCH watch straps for ALL watches – now in the AEGAON store.

Water and sauna resistance of a leather strap is only part of the absolutely incredible quality of HIRSCH. Their design and diversity of selection impresses not only us, but also many famous Swiss watch brands with whom they’ve been cooperating for many decades. HIRSCH has been a true honor and pride of Austria since 1765. Their world-class watch straps can now be purchased at the new AEGAON store - in any size, for any watch brand with a classic spring-bar fastening system.

In cooperation with HIRSCH's official representative and our long-time partner Urmas Lange, we now offer you the opportunity to come to the new AEGAON store at Rotermanni 7 in Tallinn, take a seat, have a cup of coffee if you wish, flip through the catalog and tune your watch with a world-class HIRSCH strap. It doesn't matter whether you have a AEGAON, Estonia 1918, Tissot or another brand watch. As long as it doesn't have a special fastening system, you can definitely find a top quality strap in the selection that will last long and look good. If necessary, we will measure your old belt on site and help you make a choice.

What’s behind the unique quality of HIRSCH?
The production of HIRSCH straps is a complex process, a large part of which is still done by hand. Each leather strap consists of three parts:

- the top leather (the side of the strap that faces you)
- the padding (the part that stays inside the strap)
- the lining (the part that rests against your wrist)

In order to connect the three parts smoothly and permanently, HIRSCH uses the Rembordé technique, personally invented by the company founder Hans Hirsch, who patented it in 1955. His invention set a standard in the watch strap industry that is still recognized today. The method ensures the belt has closed edges and an invisible transition between the top leather and the lining, which ensures optimal protection against common substances such as water, sweat, perfumes, creams, etc. - everything that can damage the strap on a daily basis. HIRSCH straps are “sauna tested”, which means that they can withstand even extreme combinations of heat, humidity and sweat. Likewise, all straps are waterproof and dry faster than regular watch straps. It goes without saying that the company uses only the highest quality leather while experimenting with other exciting materials.

What is the history and background of HIRSCH?

HIRSCH is an Austrian company whose history as leather craftsmen dates back to 1765. The company specialized to watch straps in 1945 under the leadership of Hans Hirsch. Today the strap company has passed into the hands of fourth generation, when Nikolaus and Matthäus Hirsch took over the family business.