"IRIS" is for all women who haven't been able to wear AEGAON

"IRIS" is for all women who haven't been able to wear AEGAON

"IRIS" is AEGON's smallest and thinnest watch at just 32 mm in diameter. Its design is even more minimal than the "Tabula Rasa" model, showcasing unique new tones hard to find in the current watch market.

This is AEGON's first model truly dedicated to women. Previously, women had to settle for existing men's models or their "softer" versions. This wait happened because AEGON's designer, Janno Roodi, primarily designed watches for himself, making women wait 12 long years for this.

Janno Roodi: “The idea for IRIS only started forming after seeing the new tones achievable with PVD technology today. After several trials, it was clear that the design had to be as minimal as possible to truly highlight these unique tones.”

AEGAON has always focused on larger watches, leaving many women without an option and forcing them to seek alternatives from other brands. With the new collection, we aim to offer something completely new to those who haven't been able to wear AEGAON merely due size. IRIS has a diameter of just 32 mm, a thickness of only 7 mm and weighs a mere 47 grams.

"We have taken our customers' feedback seriously. Consequently, the new collection features an extremely comfortable metallic mesh strap that is easy to maintain and resistant to most skin care products. The watch crown is now as simple as can be, requiring no technical skills whatsoever. Women are not interested in the technical features and functions that men care about. The message has been clear – a women's watch should be beautiful and simple, and that is exactly what IRIS delivers," explains AEGON's marketing manager, Kristjan Rabi.

Why is there no number following the design name as it has always been, indicating the size of the watch? Well, theres a good reason for that. We didn't want it to look like a dating profile of a 32 year old Iris – goddess of the rainbow. 

The new collection named "IRIS" currently consists of five models in different colors and is available exclusively in the AEGAON online store and at our shop in Tallinn, Rotermanni 7.