New design “Genesis” – introduction to AEGAON anniversary

New design “Genesis” – introduction to AEGAON anniversary

AEGAON will celebrate ten years from its first watch, which also marks the very first Estonian watch. New design “Genesis” summarizes everything we’ve done up to this point and introduces us to the next decade. We can see our course being the right one, as it took only a week to pre-sell third of the first batch, which will be ready in March 2022.

Working on the “Peacemaker 65” at our old little workshop in Mustamäe with Janno, Kristjan and Veljo back in 2012, we had no idea it would be followed by “Tabula Rasa”, Tribute” and “Genesis”. That same whir and passion of self-making has grown into an international teamwork, regardless of the worldwide supply crisis, which allows us to feel more unite than ever. We are happy to be where we are, doing exactly what we love in the best possible company of awesome people. All this time and effort called for some sort of a milestone, something significant – which became the “Genesis”. It is an automatic skeleton watch, which production will be ready by March next year and the first batch is 300 watches.

Janno Roodi (AEGAON founder & designer):

“We have done big, small, squared, round, automatic, skeleton, classic – “Genesis” has a little bit of everything in it. Mechanical watches are making a comeback, which I personally welcome very much. The fact that a third of the watches still in the making process were sold within a week surely came as a huge but positive surprise to me”.

There is something that sets “Genesis” apart from all our previous designs. With our previous models, Janno had ignored all trends. Working on the new design however made him work on his clairvoyant skills as he tried to predict the next trend for wristwatches – the symbiosis of classic watch shapes of round and square. Richard Mille beat us to it and a quick overview on the watch market only confirms the new trend. As of the colour options and the upcoming anniversary, we had no question about it.

Rauno Kutti (AEGAON CEO):
,,As the first Estonian watch company, AEGAON has been requested for a blue,black and white design through out the years – the tricolor of the Estonian flag. Since we are not so keen on being a souvenir maker, we decided to offer a selection of blue, black and white designs”.

The worldwide crisis has however affected AEGAON as well, mainly with the lags and gaps in the supply chain. This means we have to plan our production even further ahead and accept the reality that not all components are always available to us in the quantities we expect. Being a microbrand has its ups and downs, but we have adjust to the new situation, where one is even required to wait a year for their new car. Considering all that, it made us start prepping for “Genesis” already in 2020.

Kristjan Rabi (AEGAON founder & marketing manager):
“AEGAON will turn ten next year – for us, that is a big deal. We wanted to start our new decade with a bang, so we decided to give our hardcore fans the chance to pre-order the new watch now and have it on their wrist in March before everyone else. Of course we have many more ideas and surprises for celebrating next year, but we will take our time and carry them out according to the overall situation and possibilities”. 

The first batch of “Genesis” consists of 300 watches, which will be ready in March 2022. There will be 100 blue, 100 black and 100 white designs all together. Samples are available to see and feel at our shop in Tallinn, Aia 5b.