AEGAON is currently setting up it's new e-store, again. We have moved from our previous web service provider due to various reasons and are building our store up here, in Shopify.
We are hoping to be ready by October 9th and start taking Your orders again, with a few changes to our local customers.

-For now, our site is only available in English. We will make Estonian version available again as soon as we can.

- We are currently in the middle of choosing payment options. It will be PayPal and something additional, that would not require an account and accepts most common credit and debit cards from VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO etc. We are in the process of choosing the most secure and easy to use option from all of the available. 
We will be bringing back Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish bank payments option as soon as "MAKSEKESKUS" can be linked with Shopify. It may take a while though.

-Shipping to the Baltics and Finland will remain via parcel terminal. For now, You won't be able to choose the destination of the parcel terminal Your self. Our partner in shipping is PAKIPOINT who will calculate the closest terminal to the address You have entered.

-Shippings outside the Baltics and Finland will still be shipped by DHL courier or their local partners in Your region. 

-All shippings remain FREE WORLDWIDE.

We are sure, that with Shopify, shopping will become easier for our global customers, offering better access, service and opportunities. We ourselves can now pay more attention more on our products, customer service and all the other matters in our to-do list, instead of worrying if everything is working as it should.

Feel free to look around and if You have any worries, questions or good ideas then please feel free to send us an e-mail at any time – hello(at)