Thank you all for your patience. The release date of the upgraded "Peacemaker 53" has been moving from the beginning of October to the end of October and is now again moving to the beginning of November. 

We have done most of the work and are now waiting for the final components to arrive, so that the assembling process could begin. We will let you know of the exact date as soon as we have everything we need to complete the process. 

What will change compared to the previous version of the "Peacemaker 53" ?
Most of the changes are not visible to you, but they are of the kind, that improve the overall quality and speed up the assembling process.
But what you will notice, is the finishing of the dial, which will now be brushed.
Also the hands - instead of flat white, they will have embossed edges and better luminous effect. 

Photoshoot of the new "Peacemaker 53" is scheduled to November along with the other few surprises we have up our sleeve. 

Please check back to our website in November to get further updates.