Bikers from all over Estonia gathered to Pärnu last weekend to end another season, riding side by side in record-breaking numbers. For all the participants, AEGAON was present as a sponsor of the event with prizes and visuals. But that wasn’t by far the only reason we were there.


A motorcycle is not just another way of transport. No matter its shape or style, it has always been more of a lifestyle symbol – freedom, unity, brotherhood, respect, excitement, character. It is an entirely separate world of values that have inspired AEGAON. There hasn’t been a better mutual understanding and smoother co-operation during our time than running stuff with the biker folks. MC Wildcards, as the organizer of the event, was no exception.


Officially, AEGAON was present as a sponsor. Unofficially, we were present in the midst of it all, to find even more of that common ground that binds us wristwatch makers with the biker world. It may seem as “nothing” to step in and say, 
“hey look, i’ve got one of your watches, and it’s f*cking awesome”. On the contrary, for us, the timing could not have been more perfect. What totally blew our minds was all those people who came to tap us on the shoulder and jumped on their bikes to go crazy for our camera without hesitation. 

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Have a look at all that sweet emotions in the clip below. Thank you, bikers.