The 5th AEGAON Open Cup was full of surprises up to the last minute!

The 5th AEGAON Open Cup was full of surprises up to the last minute!

The fifth consecutive AEGAON Open Cup was held at the picturesque Jõelähtme EGCC golf course with a total of 116 participants on July 30th. One of the most popular golf competitions in Estonia was loaded with surprises right from the start up to the very end. As the welcome ceremony took place, the long-awaited AEGAON golf clock was finally handed over to Peep Tammemäe. For the very first time an AEGAON representative was seen playing on the course – the marketing manager and one of the founders of the company, Kristjan Rabi. But the greatest surprise of the day struck towards the end of the award ceremony as Peep Tammemäe announced his resignation from EGCC, with AEGAON competition being his last to organize on the course. His speech received a strong and supportive applause. Later on some hints were shared about what the future plans hold for AEGAON Open Cup next year.

Every year the AEGAON Open Cup has tried to offer something new through changes. During the opening speech, Kristjan Rabi handed over the long-awaited AEGAON golf clock to Peep Tammemäe, the organizer of the competition. Needless to say, he had been waiting for the completion of it for as long as one of the sponsors would finally enter the competition. Kristjan had been preparing himself for it since the fall so another expectation got fulfilled on Sunday. Even though Kristjan did not surpass his best performance so far, he managed to come in 27th with 25 points in the 20.1-36 HCPI class - he was not the last!

"My goal was just to enjoy the game in the best company and not to slow down the competition with my modest speed. In general, I now play golf in order to spend more time with some of my good old friends, and the 20,000 steps I take during the game are not exactly bad for me either", said Kristjan Rabi in his speech while patting his stomach.

During the previous years, only one AEGAON team has participated in the competition, which has been assembled from the candidates by lottery. This year there were actually two teams wearing AEGAON shirts on the course. The lottery team with Taavi Aaliste, Leanika Bauman, Helina Poolma and Kristian Kalle finished with 312 shots. The second team was Kristjan Rabi along with his golf buddies Raido Lember, Martin Maasik and Marek Läte with 321 shots. The two teams competed with each other to see who would buy the pizzas for the other team later on in the restaurant.

The biggest surprise of the event was undoubtedly Peep Tammemäe's emotionally charged speech at the award ceremony, when he announced that the current AEGAON competition was his last in the ranks of EGCC. His unexpected announcement and words of gratitude were received by the audience with a warm and supportive applause. There were more surprises yet to come. Erkki Sarapuu announced that none other than Peep Tammemäe himself had won the competition in the men's 0-10 HCPI class! AEGAON founder and designer Janno Roodi was there to congratulate him and all the other winners.

As for further AEGAON title competitions, Peep and Kristjan announced together that from now on it will be a traveling event around different golf courses in Estonia, with Peep in charge.

As of the results…

Reimo Kuri and Kadi Riin Vähejaus made the longest opening shots on the 18th course. On the 10th course, closest shots to the flag were hit by  Didrik Selder (1 m 52 cm) and Krista Tuulik (1 m 93 cm).

Juha Saari scored the best scratch among men with 76 shots, and Kadi Riin Vehejaus among women scored 85 shots.

The top three in the competition classes are as follows:

MEN HCPI ...–10.0
1. Peep Tammemäe
2. Reigo Tomingas
3. Mika Segerman

MEN HCPI 10.0-20.0
1. Robin Pedai
2. Siim Esko
3. Mati Tavast

MEN HCPI 20.0-36.0
1. Harri Värv
2. Artur Talihärm
3. Max Sebastian Segerkrantz

WOMEN HCPI ...–15.0
1. Eve Pärnsalu
2. Kairi Luur
3. Kadi Riin Vähejaus

WOMEN HCPI 15.0-25.0
1. Roosi Ristal
2. Anne Petter
3. Katti Järvsoo

WOMEN HCPI 25.1-36.0
1. Ene Kuusemets
2. Merje Einmann
3. Liia Palipea

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all participants!


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