The final 50 "Tenet 48" Watches Now Available for Retail!

The final 50 "Tenet 48" Watches Now Available for Retail!

The final 50 of  "Tenet 48" automatic watches are now available for retail at the AEGAON online store and our shop at Rotermanni 7. These are limited edition watches, numbered and accompanied by a certificate in an elegant box.

We can only be extremely pleased and happy that our innovative concept was so well received. We closed the pre-order campaign with lots of positive feedback and emotions. The new design found even more happy owners than usual from our neighbouring countries, Italy, France, and Australia.

The feedback on the limited and special concept watch has certainly been encouraging to continue experimenting boldly in the future. According to Marten Männistu, the one-man army of the AEGAON shop, many foreign clients were delighted by the fact that AEGAON is already a small-scale producer globally, and acquiring such a limited series watch made the purchase even more special for them.

The novel concept, where the relatively large watch prominently displays the second hand and the hour display in the background, worked particularly well for fans who already have most of the  previous AEGAON models lined up at home. They have long awaited something completely different—much like our first, one of the world's largest watches—the Peacemaker 65". We are still getting used to the idea that AEGAON has developed serious fans over the past 12 years. Your words, excitement, and joy in your eyes are the greatest driving force for us.
One of these wonderful people is Philip, who recently shared a photo of his collection with us, along with his comments, which he also agreed to share with you all. To  save your time from guessing - not all watches in his collection are of our brand.

Philip: ,, Tenet was my instant favourite – the shape, diameter, thickness, weight, unique movement, the alien-like look. I like everything about that watch. I've been wearing it practically every day since I received it”.