VIDEO: AEGAON Open Golf Cup 2024 filled with tension and opportunities.

VIDEO: AEGAON Open Golf Cup 2024 filled with tension and opportunities.

On June 20, the sixth AEGAON Open Golf Cup took place for the first time at Rae Golf. A total of 127 players of all ages and classes braved strong winds and burning sun to determine the best of the best. A lot of excitement came from the Hole In One prize, a Lexus ES300h, which unfortunately went unclaimed. However the main prize and the traveling trophy were tightly contested, with young national golf team members Aivar Paalberg JR and Iiris Mätas emerging victorious.

Both stroke play and Stableford were played at this year's event. Last year men with a lower handicap played from the white tees and women from the blue tees. This year all men played from the yellow tees and women from the red tees. The reason was simple – to give players with higher handicaps a chance to get their name on the trophy. The results were excellent, and it was a pleasure to distribute a record number of prizes again this year.


The most tension was definitely caused by the Hole In One prize, the Lexus ES300h. To win it, the ball had to be hit directly into the hole on the 15th fairway, which had a small twist: all tees were moved to the far end of the tee area, which wasn't too bad in itself, but the wind occasionally blew up to 15 m/s.


AEGAON was represented this year by a team including our own marketing manager Kristjan Rabi, along with his golf buddies Marek Läte, Raido Lember, and Martin Maasik. Kristjan, who has only been passionate about golf for the second year, managed to finish 17th out of 34 competitors in the HCP class 20.1-36.0, while his friend Martin Maasik won the same class with 39 points.

To determine the winner of the best stroke play, two men had to play a playoff on the 18th fairway. Veteran Joel Rothberg, who has been awarded various titles, faced off against young national team member Aivar Paalberg JR. This time, the younger player won and took first place along with Iiris Mätas. Their names were also inscribed on the traveling trophy made by Kristjan Oden, which is located in AEGAON store at Rotermanni 7 in Tallinn.


Overall, it was a very enjoyable competition day at the Rae Golf course. Plans are already being made for next year's competition. Where, when, and in what form – all this is still on the table for discussion. AEGAON sincerely thanks all participants and sponsors, with a special bow to Peep Tammemäe, who stands with the greatest enthusiasm for the success of our competition each year, thank you!

Official event photo gallery: Rae Golf


Best Scratch.

  • Men: Aivar Paalberg JR 73 strokes
  • Women: Iiris Mätas 76 strokes

HCP Stroke Play.

  • Men HCP 0 - 10.0
    • Rene Aguraiuja Reval Golf Club 66
    • Joel Rothberg Niitvälja Golf 68
    • Kaspar Ots Niitvälja Golf Par
  • Men HCP 10.1 - 20.0
    • Veikko Haller Rae Golf Club 67
    • Margus Kastor Rae Golf Club 68
    • Mihkel Lekk EGCC 71


  • Men HCP 20.1 - 36.0
    • Martin Maasik Tartu Golf Club 39 points
    • Veljo Roosimägi Niitvälja Golf 38 points
    • Meelis Mõttus Rae Golf Club 37 points

HCP Stroke Play.

  • Women HCP 0 - 15.0
    • Margit Sunni Niitvälja Golf 69
    • Kairi Rätsepp Niitvälja Golf 73
    • Iiris Mätas Rae Golf Club 75
  • Women HCP 15.1 - 25.0
    • Anne Petter Niitvälja Golf 71
    • Merle Kolsar Rae Golf Club 72
    • Pille Teearu Niitvälja Golf 76


  • Women HCP 25.2 - 36
    • Ingrid Sikaste Rae Golf Club 44 points
    • Evelin Veersalu Niitvälja Golf 42 points
    • Jana Vane Rae Golf Club 40 points

See you in the 2025 season!